i’m sorry to not have much food to report this week.  there has been a lot of pizza eating.  adriatico’s covered in bacon and pineapple is a nice spring combination.  too bad they don’t deliver to the kitchen…  but!  something did get delivered to the kitchen yesterday..  and it has me feeling so JAZZED!

talk about making the whole venture feel really REAL.  this was definitely a big day.

the rest of the day was spent finishing up timmy’s beautiful benches.  he and alaina sanded the boards all day, making lots more dust.  they finished at around 3 pm and we spend the rest of the day wiping down walls, floors and fixtures to get rid of the dust and ready for a day of painting today.

i am so in love with the benches, that i think we’ll just have to stay in this space forever.  they are sanded so soft and look so beautiful and are so comfortable to sit in!  timmy has done such a great job.  he will be working at a wood shop to get our tables put together.  i’m sure the day the tables are done will feel real big too!