this was an interesting and fun experiment!  don’t know if we’ll ever do these beet cakes again, but i’m really glad we tried them (and that some of you tried them too!)

the recipe- using raw beets, brown rice and caramelized onions seasoned with paprika and cayenne.  (VEGAN!)  the earth of the beets with the sweet and hot and smokey onions was so interesting.  (would maybe make a unique sandwich patty?)

the ratios- in case you’d like to try at home: in the chopper, spun chunks of a raw beet until shredded.  one onion caramelized and seasoned.  2 cups cooked brown rice.  took half of the beet out of the chopper and put into a mixing bowl.  spun the rest of the shredded beet with the rice and onion.  added that mix to the beet shreds and rolled it all together.  shaped handfuls of the stuff into patties and fried up in a bit of canola oil, seasoning with more salt before you flip them.